I am a huge fan of dragonfly jewelry. I can’t really put into words how much I adore them. There is just something magical and mystical about dragonflies that it gives jewelries an added touch of whimsy and magic. There are a lot of jewelry stores nowadays the carries dragonfly designs in most of their jewelry collections like necklaces and bracelets. I have also seen a ton of celebrities wearing dragonfly pendants around their neck and dragonfly charms around their wrist. I think dragonflies are the new butterflies and will continue to soar in the jewelry industry for many more years to come.


What Dragonfly Symbolizes For Native Americans

As an avid fan of dragonflies and jewelries, I like dragonfly charms and pendants mostly because it aesthetically pleases me. But what most of us do not realize is the meaning behind dragonflies and what it represents. Dragonflies are actually very symbolic creatures that have a deep meaning to many Native American tribes. If you are a Native American, then you might already be familiar with this. But for those who are not, a dragonfly represents activity and speediness to them. These are the characteristics of a Native American who are known to run at fast speeds when they do activities especially with hunting. Aside from that, dragonflies also represent renewal to them after all the hardships and challenges that they faced. To them, dragonflies are a symbol of hope and a brighter future after the disaster. To Navajo tribes, a dragonfly can lead them to a source of pure and fresh water.


What Dragonfly Symbolizes For Japanese People

Traveling from the West to theEastern Hemisphere, the Japanese people also hold special meaning to dragonflies. If you like reading Japanese literature, you will find that they always have to include scenarios dealing with dragonflies. It is a very common scene with books, plays and other Japanese literary works. This is because for the Japanese people dragonflies symbolize great courage, fortitude and happiness. In fact,Japanwas actually known before as Akitsushima, which means in English as “land of the dragonflies.” This is becauseJapanis really home for hundreds of species of dragonflies and how their culture has taken a liking to such creatures. They even have traditional names for all of the 200 species of dragonflies that can be found in all ofJapan. Not only that, they believe that dragonflies possess special medicinal powers which is why they have great regard for this creature.


Expressing Sentiments Through Dragonfly Jewelry

With all that said jewelry with dragonfly charms or pendants carry special meaning and sentiments to people and across cultures. It is a great way to symbolize speed and activity or to symbolize great courage, strength and happiness. You can choose to wear dragonfly earrings, necklaces or bracelets to represent those qualities.


Wearing Dragonfly Jewelry

Dragonfly JewelryI really think jewelry with dragonfly designs can add a level of charm to anyone. Dragonflies are just captivating and marvelous creatures that when made as jewelry, they can make the wearer look more mystical. Wear dragonfly jewelry and represent great qualities that a dragonfly symbolizes.