There is so much though and hard work that goes to dragonfly jewelry designs. What might seem like a simple design with little intricate details actually takes hours before the design is completed. This only means that a dragonfly design with many intricate designs, lines and jewels engraved on it will take a lot of hours or even days to complete. Designing jewelry is definitely not one to be underestimated. Not only does it involve thought and hard work but dedication and passion into creating a beautiful and mystical piece altogether.


The Process Of Dragonfly Jewelry Designs

The process that designing a dragonfly jewelry undergoes is a very complex one. It undergoes a lot of stages before jewelry makers and designers arrive at a final output. I actually thought that designing dragonfly jewelry is very easy and will involve only three to four steps. I was definitely wrong on the three to four steps part as it has way more than that number. It can have anywhere from 10-20 steps depending on how intricate and delicate the design is and the materials to be used in the creation of a dragonfly. It starts with an initial sketch of course and ends with finishing touches to ensure that jewels and other details are intact and polished to its finest. From paper to finished product takes up a huge amount of time which is why it is no wonder why depending on the materials used, dragonfly jewelry can be quite expensive.


Cost Of Dragonfly Jewelry Designs

Dragonfly JewelryThe price jewelry with dragonfly designs depends on the materials used and the amount of labor a jewelry maker has put into creating it. Of course, it is no wonder why jewelries made out of real silver and gold metals are more expensive than most costume jewelry is because such rare metals on its own are quite expensive already. Added to that the process silver and gold undergoes to harden and be able to be molded into jewelry add to the cost. The delicateness of the materials also hinders jewelry makers from making the finished product as fast as they can which is why hours of labor are also added to the cost. In the end, consumers will have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars for real dragonfly jewelry depending on the brand to which they will purchase.


Designing Dragonfly Jewelry

With all that said, I think this is a great business opportunity for people who have the passion for designing and making jewelry. It is a profitable industry especially since gold and silver are viewed as a great investment piece of many people. But before you take this opportunity, make sure that you have the desire to design and the patience for all the process you will have to go through before you can start selling your creations.


The Magic Of Dragonflies

Dragonfly JewelryI personally love jewelries with dragonfly pendants or charms because I think they are magical creatures that create a mystical ambience. Not only that, if you work really hard this can even turn into a profitable business venture that you will surely enjoy. If you have the desire for dragonfly jewelry designs, take the opportunity now and create a magical store for people to enjoy your creations.