Little do most people know is that there is actually a dragonfly jewelry meaning. What we all thought was a mystical creature used as inspiration in many jewelry pieces actually carry a symbol and represents something in many cultures across the world. I just love wearing jewelries with dragonfly designs but when I learned about the meanings and symbols that it carries, I got even more interested in wearing such jewelry pieces. It makes wearing such jewelry all the more sentimental and all the more interesting as well. From the colors to the actual creatures itself – different cultures all over the world gave different symbols and representations to a dragonfly.


Cultural Dragonfly Jewelry Meaning

From theEastern Hemisphereto the West – I found varying symbols and representations that this strong-winged creatures have. InJapanalone, dragonflies hold special meaning in their culture as attested by many of their literature and the native name they have for 200 different species of this creature. For them, dragonflies are a symbol of strength, courage and happiness. Hence, if you give someone jewelry with dragonfly design on his birthday, it only means you wish him more strength, courage and happiness in his life. Also, to them, dragonflies also hold special medicinal purposes, which is why these creatures have been very important to them. To the Native Americans, dragonflies symbolize speed and activity. It also represents renewal and power in life after facing challenges and disasters.


Color Dragonfly Jewelry Meaning

The creatures themselves hold special meaning across cultures. But aside from that, a dragonfly’s color in jewelries also represents special meanings and symbols. The color a dragonfly has is the result of light reflecting on them which is why they are often associated with color illusions and magic as people only get to see glimmers of light that they want to see. Because of this characteristic of dragonfly people believe that it represents the power of light. It reminds us of possessing the power of light and that we are capable of reflecting different wavelengths of light that we choose to reflect. It symbolizes strength of overcoming self-made illusions that hinder us from growing and changing our lives. And because they are creatures of the water, they symbolize deep thoughts and dreams.


Most Popular Symbolism

But one of the most popular symbolisms that a dragonfly holds is self-assurance and maturity. As I mentioned above, dragonflies represent changes in our lives and through that changes we gain self- assurance, knowledge and become mature. As we age, we learn to appreciate the deeper meaning dragonflies come with as changes come in our lives more frequently than we want to and so we start appreciating ourselves more. As we come of age, we don’t just see the picture as a whole. Rather, we try to pick images from the entire picture and see the meaning to each piece of the picture making up the general meaning of the picture.


The Many Symbols Of A Dragonfly

Dragonfly JewelryWith all that said dragonflies represent a handful of meaning and represent a handful of symbols. Whichever symbol we choose to believe in, we can all learn from how a dragonfly lives its life. It lives only for a short period of time but rest assured, no time was wasted and that dragonfly jewelry meaning is probably the most important lesson we can all learn from.