I used to own a bunch of dragonfly earrings. My friends and I usually go to each other’s houses on weekends and we would just make a bunch of earrings in dragonfly shapes for each other. It is one of those days when we just enjoy being girly and crafty all at the same time. We like making each other jewelry because it gives great depth to our friendship and so we can remind each other of our friendship all the time. It is a great gift to give friends on birthdays or Christmas because you made it yourself. I still have my collection intact until today and it like looking at them every time just to remember those younger days my friends and I used to share.


Value Of Self-Made Jewelry

I always encourage young girls to make their own jewelry because these are great gifts to give during Christmas or their friend’s birthday. The sentimental value that it possesses cannot be acquired by giving any other gift (unless that friend is a guy). But for girl friends, a self-made jewelry is a great idea because she can wear it every day to give more style to her outfit and she can always remember you whenever she wears it. What’s even better is if the design of the earrings is a dragonfly. Dragonflies have special meanings across cultures and continents. It represents courage, strength, happiness and speed. So, if you give this as a gift to your friend, you are already wishing her to possess great courage, strength, speed and always be happy in life.


Materials To Make Dragonfly Earrings

With all that said, I might already have convinced some of you to try making a pair of these earrings to give as a gift to your friend. First things first, you need to gather all the materials needed to create this project. You will need wing beads or any long beads that you can find which you can use as wings for the dragonfly. You will also need a pack of tiny glass beads, seed beads in metallic tones, 20 gauge pieces of wire for crafting, earring hooks, different pliers used for beading, and a large square made of felt. Once you have all these materials, you can now start with your craft.


Procedure To Make Dragonfly Earrings

Start by arranging your materials on the felt. The felt material prevents beads from sliding on the surface. Matching your beads together is important so you know that the colors go well together. Next, line up your beads according to how you want them to look like when you are done. I suggest this order for beginners: seed bead, glass bead, wing bead, 4 or 5 glass beads, and ends with a seed bead. Cut about three inches of craft wire and connect in the loop at the ends of one earring hook. Secure tightly in place by twisting and knotting the wire. Slide the beads you have arranged to the craft wire and twist the end of the wire to secure the beads in place. Repeat all steps for the next pair and now you have earrings with a dragonfly shape.


Beaded Earrings

Dragonfly JewelryWhile earrings made of beads may not look as great as those that are made of real gold and silver, for young girls out there, it means their friendship. Encourage your daughter to create dragonfly earrings for her friends and let her get creative and value her friends more.